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Raised on canned, frozen, and fast food. Drawn to vegetarianism and veganism during college. Lured back to the world of meat several years later by cravings for (of all things) bacon and pepperoni.

Today I'm a happy and devoted omnivore. I love to eat just about everything, although my natural inclinations have generally steered me towards healthy options. (As a kid, if you gave me the choice between an apple and a chocolate bar, I'd take the apple 10 times out of 10. Today, the apple's odds have probably dropped to eight or nine in 10.)

Recently, I've been trying to live by the following food guidelines:
  • Buy from local farms and food crafters whenever possible
  • Buy organic whenever possible
  • Don't eat meat in restaurants, unless it is expressly free-range and/or organic

I'm sure these guidelines will change over time.  I'm also sure they're flawed, incomplete, or even contradictory with some of the actual food choices I make day in and day out.  So sue me.  I've listed them here so you can get a better idea about the person who's behind this site and the principles that will guide what I write about.  

I encourage you to make your own happy and flavory food choices.


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