Stinky Hooligan

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If you haven't sussed it out already, I'm a bit of a cheese hound. And Hooligan has been hands down my favorite cheese since I found it at South End Formaggio right after we moved to Boston several years ago.  It's stinky stinky stinky in that wonderful way only cheese can get away with. And though I won't complain (any Hooligan is a good Hooligan), it's usually a bit riper and creamier than the tidbit I sampled recently.

hooligan.jpgHooligan comes from Cato Corner Farm in Colchester, CT, where "the mother-son team of Elizabeth and Mark raises 40 free-range Jersey cows without the use of hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics."

Next year I hope to get my hands on some Drunken Hooligan, which is washed with red wine and only available from November through January.

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