Winter veg coleslaw

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Here's a great coleslaw recipe that's in season during the winter, but will have you feeling like summer's right around the corner. We nabbed this recipe from the new Food Network show Jamie at Home, but apparently the show's producers only permit 2 recipes per episode to be posted on (dinosaurs) and this one didn't make the cut. Honestly, this dish is so easy that you hardly even need a recipe, but I thought a few words would round out the pictorial.

Get some of these veggies:
Red cabbage
White cabbage
Beets (yellow, so they don't stain the rest of the veggies)

How much of each? Oh, use your judgment. The idea is to have roughly equal parts of the cabbage and the other veggies. Keep in mind that the slaw will only keep a few days once dressed, so it's probably better to make two smaller batches than to make one huge one.

Put the slicer attachment on your food processor and slice up the red cabbage, white cabbage, shallots, and fennel. Now put the fine grater attachment on and grate the beets, turnips, carrots, and radishes.

Chop some herbs (like chervil, fennel, mint, and/or parsley) and add them to the veggies.

Add plain yogurt (just enough to cover the veggies), salt and pepper to taste, the juice from 1 and half lemons, 4 - 5 tablespoons of olive oil, and a tablespoon or so of whole grain mustard.

Now mix it all up with your clean hands and serve it with, oh, say, some grilled ribs.

I paired some of the leftover slaw with shredded cheddar in a whole wheat pita for lunch the next day.  Yum!

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