Eating locally on the road

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If you're a regular Wicked Flavory reader, you may have been wondering where the heck I've been for the past month.  Between travel for work and vacation, I was gone for nearly all of April. 

Travel can be tough on the old stomach.  I've had more crappy airport food and room service meals than I care to recall.  But travel can also provide an opportunity to explore local cuisine. 

I just got back from a week in the Bahamas, where every restaurant serves some variation of  locally caught conch, grouper, or snapper and every bar serves 73 variations of rum drinks, like the Bahama Mama.  Earlier in April , I had an amazing meal at Craft restaurant in Los Angeles, where there were plenty of local ingredients on the menu.  (Eating locally and seasonally is so damn easy in California.)  Before that, I had walleyed pike, Minnesota's state fish, paired with Brussels sprouts at the Minneapolis Westin.

walleye.jpgHopefully the bulk of my travel is behind me for a while...  And now that it's May, there's so much seasonal food to be planted, harvested, purchased at farmer's markets, and cooked in all of our favorite warm weather ways.  Look out for lots of new Wicked Flavory posts!

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