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As a first-time gardener, it's been fun watching our yard transform over the year. In the spirit of one of those trashy but oh-so-addictive makeover shows, I thought I'd share some before, during, and after photos.

I took this photo right after one of our big snowstorms, pre-garden. To make room for the raised bed, we pulled up the nearly-dead rhododendron, moved the holly bush (lower right corner, next to the tree) to another location in the yard, and then moved the other bushy bush where the holly was previously.

snowy garden.JPG
I took this photo right after Haven and our neighbor John constructed the raised bed, right around Memorial Day weekend:

garden complete.JPG
And I took this one just a few minutes ago. Up at the top of the bed you can see the sprawling leaves of a cucumber plant. Sadly, this one didn't generate any edible cukes, though a couple of plants located in another spot gave us plenty. Right next to it is a potted mini eggplant, but our resident squirrels got to the eggplants before they were ready for human consumption. The mass of green at the top of the bed is a bunch of different chilis: jalapenos, habaneros, hungarian wax, and cherry. Below that we've got some carrots and swiss chard, and earlier in the summer we also had arugula and several different types of lettuce. The yellow flowers around the perimeter are marigolds, a natural pest repellent we were told, but we didn't realize when we planted them that they were GIANT marigolds -- about 2 feet tall! -- and they've kind of taken over the garden at this point!

We also have a couple of other planters with tomatoes, and these plants have produced some of the most delicious tomato specimens I've ever had. Check out these gorgeous yellow and purple heirlooms -- yum! And the juicy, sweet cherry toms have become a staple in my morning eggs. From on-the-plant to in-my-stomach in less than 15 minutes! This is eating locally at its best.


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