Jonathan's Organics Sprouts

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In our first Boston Organics delivery a couple weeks back, we got a package of sprouts from Jonathan's Organics in Rochester, MA

jonathans sprouts.jpgSince the sell by date was January 16th, I figured I better get a move on and do something with them, so I hopped on Jonathan's site and found a recipe for bean sprout and spinach squares. I took a few liberties, substituting wheat flour for regular, dropping the amount of butter, and using raw spinach instead of cooked (hey, I was in a rush).  The results?  A flavory savory snack that is, as Jonathan's web site says, tasty both hot and cold.

I like it a bit more toasty than it is in this picture, but it's in the perfect state here for reheating in the toaster oven without getting dried out.  Next time, I'll take the time to precook the spinach.

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Thank you for this snappy write-up of our product and our recipe. Do you still get deliveries from Boston Organic? We continue to supply them with sprouts every month or two.


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