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I have a confession: I am a sparkling water junkie.  Yup, I've been downing the stuff for years, plastic bottle after plastic bottle.  My preferred brand, Poland Spring, comes from Maine (not so far away) and I do recycle the bottles...  But this fizzy habit is really hard to justify -- and it's been nagging at me for years.

At long last, I've found a solution that makes both my brain and my taste buds happy: home made sparkling water made from Somerville's finest tap water (filtered through our fridge).  How?  With a counter-top device from Soda Club.

We just screw in one of the reusable 1-liter plastic bottles:

soda club screw.JPGAnd hit a button that pumps in the CO2:

soda club fizz.JPGWe haven't yet exhausted our first CO2 canister, but the Soda Club folks say that one is good for about about 110 1-liter bottles.  And the taste?  We're picky about our fizzy water, and we really like it.  We also got some orange and lemon/lime "natural" flavors to add in, but to be honest, they scare me a little -- so I'm sticking with the plain stuff.

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