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Late last year we read about T.W.Food (in Cambridge, MA) on Joe Slag's Food In Boston blog.  Last night we finally made it over there for a simply amazing seven-course dinner.

The owners, Tim and Bronwyn Wiechmann, explain their food philosophy on their menu: "At T.W.Food we seek out food that is raised in tune with the natural cycles of the earth. This means that our salt is hand harvested in Maine and our fish and shellfish are the ones found in season on the Eastern seaboard. We saute only in natural animal fat or VT cultured butter, and get our sweetness from local honey or sugar maple trees. We are very lucky to have local producers like Peter at Big Ox Farm in Concord or Tim at Grateful Farms in Franklin raising meats and vegetables to our tastes, so that our plates can speak distinctively to you with color, emotion, time, and place."

Tim told us that the veggies on the menu are the same every day throughout winter (because they come from his hand-built root cellar) but that the meats and the final preparations change every day.

And now, without further ado, we present the Celebration of Winter!

TW menu.jpgSHOOTER
duxbury oyster with essence of salsify and ginger

TW oyster shooter.jpgBOUDIN BLANC
farm pork with ragout of porcini mushroom and maple jus

wild ice-fished river smelt, celery root salad and brioche

TW smelt.jpgMONKFISH
leek fondant, blood organge butter and anise crust

TW monkfish.jpgFARM RABBIT
braised and roasted roulade with puree of jerusalem artichoke and black truffle

TW rabbit.jpgCHEESE
parmigiano reggiano, lombardy, italy

apple-maple ice cream and bitter caramel sauce

TW profiteroles.jpg

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